Photography Collections

Bound Photography Albums

Bishop, F. J. “Trip to Southwestern Colorado from Denver: Photograph Album, 1929.”
37 gelatin silver snapshots taken by Mrs. Bishop, documenting a car trip from Denver to southwestern Colorado. Subjects include vehicle and tents, mountain roads, Spanish Trail, Skyline Pavilion, Cliff Palace, kivas, tufa bricks, Taos Pueblo, Pagosa Springs, Rio Grande Southern tracks, mining near Telluride, Garden of the Gods. View catalog record: C0938 (no. 476).

Brown, Edgar. “Report on a Trip to Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, and Utah.” 1907.
Report for the Bureau of Plant Industry on a trip to investigate the alfalfa seed industry of 1907, which includes 28 gelatin silver snapshots illustrating alfalfa crops, members of the party and farming equipment.  View catalog record: C0938 (no. 145).

Cottier, Hamilton. “Hamilton Cottier Collection of California Photographs, 1887-1888.”
51 albumen print photographs by Isaiah West Taber of California collected by Cottier. View online: PUDL. View catalog record: C0938 (no. 125).

Edwards, Lillian collector et al. “Lillian Edwards Travel Album of Photographs, [1883-1920].”
211 silver gelatin and cyanotype photographs and 13 photomechanical prints depicting landscapes, monuments, and people in Mexico and various locations in the United States including New York, Florida, Colorado and Michigan. Also contains an original etching signed in pencil by Edward Loyal Field. The album consists of what are apparently snapshots taken on a number of trips over a long span of time, very likely by Lillian Edwards, along with photographs by professional photographers, such as J. Granat and C.B. Waite.  View catalog record: C0938 (no. 141).

Elarton, J. W. “Photographic Views of Wyoming, ca. 1900.”
50 captioned gelatin silver photographs of Wyoming along the Union Pacific Railway by J.W. Elarton. The prints most likely capture the 1900-1901 improvement to the Union Pacific line, including the laying of doubletrack and the construction of the Aspen Hill tunnel in 1901. View catalog record: C0938 (no. 120).

Fiske, Frank Bennett. “Fiske Photographs of the Sioux, Arranged and Bound by Marion Jordan Piper, 1952.”
13 original gelatin silver prints taken by Frank Bennett Fiske of Indians of the Dakota Territory.  View catalog record: C0938 (no. 235).

“Fort Custer Snapshot Album, [ca. 1890].”
An Eastman Kodak Co. snapshot album containing 56 photographs of scenes of and near Fort Custer, Montana.View catalog record: C0938 (no. 124).

“Glimpses of Idaho, [1902-1904].”
103 cyanotypes and 5 silver gelatin prints of a railroad trip to Idaho depicting ranching, farming, fishing, landscapes, and the group members. A majority of the prints have hand-written captions. View catalog record: C0938 (no. 128).

Gould, H. P. “Report of Field Trip Extending from July 11 to Sep. 30, 1911: Fruit District Investigations.”
88 gelatin silver photographs of various crops, farmers, farming equipment, and irrigation techniques. View catalog record: C0938 (no. 146).

Holliger, Charles Daniel. “Charles D. Holliger Photograph Album, 1923.”
196 silver gelatin photographs and 12 photographic postcards of scenes taken during a trip to see the Hopi Snake Dance at the pueblo at Walpi, Arizona, in August 1923. Many of the larger prints have hand-written captions and dates on the verso.  View online: PUDL.  View catalog record: C0938 (no. 133).

—. “Photograph Album of a Surveying Outfit at Work in the Western United States, [ca. 1905].”
159 gelatin silver print snap shots and photographs taken by a traveling surveying outfit through Wyoming, Colorado and Nevada circa 1905.  View catalog record: C0938 (no. 122).

“Indian Photographs, Round Valley, California, [ca. 1900].”
5 gelatin silver print photographs of Indians of California, including children, women, and the elderly. View catalog record: C0938 (no. 130).

“Jack Sattler Cattle Ranch Album (Gorman, CA), 1934-1937.”
57 silver gelatin prints, 8 of which compose two panoramas. View catalog record: C0938 (no. 507).

Kilbourne, Katharine Skinner. “Katharine Kilbourne Photograph Album of a Jicarilla Boarding School in Dulce, New Mexico, 1931.”
49 gelatin silver print photographs, many captioned, of a Jicarilla boarding school and sanitarium near Dulce, New Mexico. View online: PUDL.  View catalog record: C0938 (no. 136).

Klinker, L. W., and Orpha Mae Klinker. “L.W. Klinker Photograph Album of the Rawhide King Hill Mining Company (Rawhide, NV).”
80 gelatin silver prints and photographic postcards as well as two watercolor illustrations by Orpha Mae Klinker concerning mining operations and engineering by the Rawhide King Hill Mining Company in Rawhide, Nevada.  View catalog record: C0938 (no. 506 ).

“Leaves from a Photograph Album of a Bear Hunt in the Mogollon Mountains of New Mexico, [ca. 1910].”
20 captioned gelatin silver photographs (some hand-tinted) of the Meagher-Mitchell bear-hunting party in Gila National Forest, New Mexico, including hunting camps and panorama views of the Mogollon Mountains. View catalog record: C0938 (no. 139).

“Leaves from a Photograph Album of a Trip to the Grand Canyon, [ca. 1910].”
18 gelatin silver print snapshots of the Grand Canyon and of Navajo and Hopi Indians at “Hopi House.” View catalog record: C0938 (no. 135).

“Montana Photograph Album: 1890s.”
48 sepia-tone gelatin photographs featuring views of frontier lifestyles and scenery (ranches, mines, millworks, and equipment); snapshots of Assiniboine Indians and lifestyles; soldiers and military life; and local people and friends. Presumably, the photographs were taken by an officer at Fort Assinniboine, near Havre, Montana, in the final years of 19th century. View catalog record: C0938 (no. 487).

Mosher, Frank R. “Frank R. Mosher collection of American Indian postcards, 1909-1967.”
170 postcards (black-and-white and color), 4 original photographs, and 11 clippings of pictures of American Indians of various tribes collected by Mosher.  View catalog record: C0938 (no. 142).

Newcomb, photographer. “Photograph Album of Newcomb Views of Idaho and Utah, [ca. 1890.”
15 albumen photographs taken by Newcomb of Silver City, Idaho, of views in Idaho and Utah, including the Shoshone Falls of the Snake River, Castle Gate along the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, and the Salt Lake Temple.  View catalog record: C0938 (no. 137).

Perkins, George W. (George Walbridge). “George W. Perkins Photographs of Alaska, 1909.”
Three photograph albums of silver gelatin photographs totaling 145 prints.  View online: PUDL.  View catalog record: C0938 (no. 126).

“Photograph Album of a Christian Endeavor Group Trip to the American West, [ca. 1909].”
7 gelatin silver print photographs and 1 postcard of a train trip to the American West (including Colorado, California, Utah, and Washington) by a Christian Endeavor group.  View catalog record: C0938 (no. 121).

“Photograph Album of a Western U.S. and Canada Automobile Tour, 1928-1929.”
152 silver gelatin photographs of an automobile tour through the Western parts of the United States and Canada. An additional 21 images are printed postcards. The album documents a trip taken by an elderly East Coast couple, “Mr. & Mrs. Stamm,” and their nurse companion, Miss Annie G. Smith in May 1929.  View catalog record: C0938 (no. 377).

“Photograph Album of Cityscape Views of El Paso, Texas, 1902.”
24 gelatin silver print photographs of views of El Paso, Texas, including store fronts, streets, private homes, markets, a bull ring (Plaza de Toro) and bridges over the Rio Grande. View online: PUDL. View catalog record: C0938 (no. 134).

“Photograph Album of Huntington Beach, California, 1912-1916.”
159 gelatin silver print photographs of scenes on and near Huntington Beach, California. View catalog record:    C0938 (no. 119).

“Photograph Album of North American Travel, [ca. 1915].”
386 snapshots of local environs in and around the American south and west (California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas and Kentucky) as well as Mexico and Cuba. View catalog record: C0938 (no. 538).

Pittock, Henry. “Scrapbook of Poetry, [1859].”
Chiefly contains printed poetry and songs on various subjects clipped from various American and English newspapers and miscellaneous engravings, portraits, and photographic reproductions of various 19th-century literary and political figures. Among these are two albumen photographs of Native Americans: one a single portrait and the other a group portrait of 8 individuals, including a Westerner. View catalog record: C0938 (no. 22).

Sanborn, William P. “Paradox, Colorado, Photograph Album, Ca. 1938-1940.”
201 black/white photographs (a number of which have tints of color) taken by an unidentified Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) member mostly while working at Camp Paradox in Montrose County, Colorado. A type-written article pasted inside the back cover identifies four men as part of a surveying crew, one of which may be the compiler. Some of the images are of the 1939 World’s Fair in New York, and many may document the trip east. View catalog record: C0938 (no. 376).

Von Schriltz, Guy W. (Guy White). “Bell Ranch (Tucumcari, New Mexico) Photograph Album, 1909.” View catalog record: C0938 (no. 410).

“Strauss Family Photograph Album of Colorado, New Mexico, and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, [ca. 1905].”
102 gelatin silver photographs (24 of which on collodion printing-out paper) of the Strauss family in Colorado, New Mexico, and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. Explanatory note by Helen Crawder laid in. View catalog record: C0938 (no. 138).

Symons, Charles W. (Charles William) et al. “Stager Family Portrait Photographs, [1880s]-[1890s].”
74 photographic portraits (59 cabinet photographs and 15 cartes de visite) depicting members of the Stager family, primarily located in and around Salt Lake City, Utah and Reading, Pennsylvania, but also Nebraska and Iowa. Loose photographs are present in an accompanying envelope.  View catalog record: C0938 (no. 144).

“Twin Lakes (Colo.) Photograph Album, 1933-1934.”
1,023 original silver gelatin photographs of operations above Twin Lakes, Colorado, between Leadville and Aspen, where the Twin Lakes Reservoir and Canal Company was constructing, in 1933-1934, a four-mile tunnel to divert water from Colorado’s western slope, through Independence Pass, for irrigation purposes near Ordway, Colorado.  View catalog record: C0938 (no. 482).

Vroman, A. C. (Adam Clark). “A. C. Vroman Photograph Album of California and Arizona Views, ca. 1897.”
22 images of California missions and Arizona views.View online: PUDL. View catalog record: C0938 (no. 505).

Vroman, A. C. (Adam Clark), and Museum-Gates Expedition. “Arizona, Gates Party, Navaho’s: Photograph Album, 1901.”
100 platinum print (plainotype) photographs of Navajo Indians, Navajo towns and camps, and excavation sites in Arizona, including Keam’s Canyon and the Jeddito Valley.  View online: PULD. View catalog record: C0938 (no. 21a).

—. “Arizona, Hopi, Pueblos: Photograph Album, 1901.”
118 platinum print (plainotype) ethnographic photographs of Hopi Indians, Hopi pueblos, and the native lifestyle in Arizona. A topic of interest is the Hopi Snake Dance, photographed at the pueblo at Walpi. The Flute Ceremony at Oraibi is also featured, along with views of daily and family life at Mishongnovi.  View online: PULD. View catalog record: C0938 (no. 21b).

Wetherill, Richard, and H. Jay Smith Exploring Co. “Mesa Verde (Colo.) Photographs, Ca. 1890-1891.”
18 albumen photographs of the Anasazi ruins at Mesa Verde, Colorado, mounted on unbound album pages. 2 prints have credits to “Cliff Dweller Series, Copyrighted by the H. Jay Smith Exploring Co.,” 2 are signed in the negative “Wetherill.”  Included are various views of “Cliff Palace” and some interiors. One photograph shows six people (3 men, 3 women) in front of “Spruce Tree House”: on the right is Richard Wetherill, seated next to him is scientist Alice Eastwood, and next to her is Al Wetherill– the others are unidentified.  View catalog record: C0938 (no. 424).

“Where the West Begins, 1922.”
17 silver gelatin photographs of an unknown person’s homestead depicting cattle round-ups and branding, cowboys, women farmers, and crops.  View catalog record: C0938 (no. 129).

White, W. A. “Photograph Album of New Mexico and Arizona, [ca. 1895-1905].”
178 albumen and gelatin silver photographs of New Mexico and Arizona, including cities, landscapes, Indian ceremonies and customs, and pueblos. The album consists of what are apparently snapshots taken by members of a touring party, along with photographs by professional photographers, notably W.A. White. View online: PUDL. View catalog record: C0938 (no. 140).

Wolcott, Frances M. (Frances Metcalfe). “Frances Metcalfe Wolcott Collection of Photographs of the American West and Mexico, 1879.”
176 albumen print photographs of landscapes and cityscapes in Colorado, as well as Indian portraits, pueblos in the Southwest, and buildings in Canada, Mexico, and Havana, Cuba. Includes at least 36 prints by B.H. Gurnsey, 3 Indian portraits by William S. Soule, and 1 print by Charles Weitfle. View catalog record: C0938 (no. 131).