Princeton University Library Chronicle

The Princeton University Library Chronicle is the best intro­duc­tion to the his­tory of the Depart­ment of Rare and Spe­cial Col­lec­tions and its hold­ings. Two issues in particular provide a very thorough introduction to the history of the Princeton Collections of Western Americana: Volume 9, Number 4 and Volume 33, Number 1.   Volume 67, Number 2, is a 2006 issue in honor of Alfred L. Bush, Princeton’s first Curator of Western Americana.   For an introduction to Philip Ashton Rollins’s role in forming the Friends of the Princeton University Library and the Chronicle, see Rollins’s Friends and the PULC.

Below is a chronological list, with PDF downloads, of all the major articles pertaining to Western Americana holdings at Princeton.  The list does not include “Library Notes & Queries” or “New & Notable” entries.   The Chronicle is also keyword searchable at the following URL:

Biblia, Volume 1, Number 1, 1930.  Available online.

“Walt Whitman’s Notes of His Western Trip.”

Volume VI, Number 4, 1945. Available online.

Brayer, Herbert O. “The Pliny Fisk Collection of Railroad and Corporation Finance.”

Volume IX, Number 4, 1948.  Available online.

Dodds, Harold. “Philip Ashton Rollins ’89.”

Bentley, Esther Felt. “A Conversation with Mr. Rollins.”

Streeter, Thomas W.  “The Rollins Collection of Western Americana.”

Cleland, Robert Glass.  “The Writings of Philip Ashton Rollins.”

Volume X, Number 1, 1948.  Available online.

Wainwright ’89, Alexander D.  “From Columbus to J. C. Adams: Notable Americana in the McCormick Collection.”

Volume XI, Number 1, 1949. Available online.

Penrose, Boies. “The Grenville Kane Americana.”

Volume XII, Number 2, 1951.  Available online.

FPUL. “Philip Ashton Rollins ’89.” (Obituary)

Volume XXX, Number 3, 1969.  Available online.

Ortiz, Alfonso.  “A Uniquely American Legacy.”

Volume XXXIII, Number 1, 1971. Available online.

Bush, Alfred L.  “The Princeton Collections of Western Americana.”

Frantz, Joe B.  “The Sam Houston Letters: A Corner of Texas.”

Boyd, E.  “The First New Mexico Imprint.”

Andrews, Thomas F.  “Ho! For Oregon and California!”: An Annotated Bibliography of Published Advice to the Emigrant, 1841-1847.

FPUL.  “American Indian Periodicals in the Princeton University Library.”

Brodie, Fawn M.  “A Letter from the Camp of Israel, 1846.”

Volume XXXIV, Number 1, 1972.  Available online.

Rothrock, O. J.  “The San Francisco of Alfred Pioche and Charles Meryon.”

Volume XXXIV, Number 3, 1973.  Available online.

Wayland, Virginia.  “Princeton’s Apache Playing Cards.”

Volume XXXV, Number 3, 1974.  Available online.

Jett, Stephen.  “The Journals of George C. Fraser ’93: Early Twentieth-Century Travels in the South and Southwest.”

Volume XXXVII, Number 1, 1975. Available online.

Benson, Elizabeth.  “The Quipu: ‘Written’ Texts in Ancient Peru.”

Thorington, J. Monroe.  “A Cycle of Time.”

Volume XXXVII, Number 2, 1976.  Available online.

Marshall, Jr., Gordon M.  “Americana in the Scheide Library: Adventures of a Novice.” (Eliot Indian Bible and Eliot Indian tracts)

Volume XLI, Number 2, 1980.  Available online.

Ferguson, Stephen.  Friends of the Princeton University Library, 1930-1980: A Photographic Essay.” (Brief history illustrating Rollins’s importance in the formation of the Friends of the Princeton University Library).

Volume XLII, Number 1, 1980.  Available online.

Crawley, Peter.  “Joseph Smith and A Book of Commandments.”

Bush, Alfred L.  “A Quorum Called Out of the Kingdom.”  (Library Notes: Exhibition)

Volume XLIV, Number 3, 1983. Available online.

Bush, Alfred L.  “First and Second Tongue: Nine Spanish-Speaking Peoples in America.” (Library Notes: Exhibition)

Volume XLV, Number 1, 1983. Available online.

Heaston, Michael D.  “Double Deception: Lester Hargrett and His Indian Treaties.”

Volume XLIX, Number 1, 1987.  Available online.

Deverell, William F.  “The Return of Blue Lake to the Taos Pueblo.”

Volume XLIX, Number 3, 1988.  Available online.

Guimond, James K.  “The ‘Vanishing Red’: Photographs of Native Americans at Hampton Institute.”

Volume LII, Number 3, 1991.  Available online.

Mulder, William.  “Denmark and the Mormons: The Jorgen W. Schmidt Collection.”

Volume LIII, Number 3, 1992.  Available online.

Tyler, Ron.  “Alfred Jacob Miller’s The Indian Guide.”

Volume LXIV, Number 2, 2003.  

Sayre, Gordon.  “‘Azakia,’ Ouabi, and Sarah Wentworth Apthorp Morton: A Romance of the Early American Republic.”  Available online.

Jacoby, Karl.  “Of Memory and Massacre: A Soldier’s Firsthand Account of the ‘Affair on Wounded Knee.'”  Available online.

Volume LXVII, Number 2, 2006.  

Aron, Stephen.  “The Western Man in the Eastern Parlor: Alfred Bush and the Princeton Collection of Western Americana.” Available online.

Pohl, John M. D. and Javier Urcid Serrano.  “A Zapotec Carved Bone.” Available online.

Reese, William S.  “Brand Books in the Princeton Collections of Western Americana.” Available online.

Fabian, Ann.  “A Native Among the Headhunters.” Available online.

Sandweiss, Martha.  “A Stereoscopic View of the American West.” Available online.

Shannon, Heather A.  “Photographs of the 1862 Sioux Revolt: From National Sensation to Ethnographic Documentation.” Available online.

Gidley, Mick.  “The Making of Edward S. Curtis’s The North American Indian.” Available online.

Luck, Owen.  A Witness at Wounded Knee, 1973.” Available online.

Treuer, Anton.  “Full Circle: From Disintegration to Revitalization of Otterskin Bag Use in Great Lakes Tribal Culture.” Available online.

Rosier, Paul.  “The Association on American Indian Affairs and the Struggle for Native American Rights, 1948-1955.” Available online.

Cobb, Daniel M.  “Indian Politics in Cold War America: Parallel and Contradiction.” Available online.

Bush, Alfred L.  “Otterskins, Eagle Feathers, and Native American Alumni at Princeton.” Available online.

Volume LXX, Number 3, 2009.  

Barber, Ian.  “Dream Mines and Religious Identity in Twentieth-Century Utah: Insights from the Norman C. Pierce Collection.” Available online.